December 2, 2018
10 Reasons To Learn How To Throw An Axe
Canada has moved well beyond its frontier days, but that's no reason to lose touch with your nation's roots. Whether you're steeped in nostalgia or you're just looking for a good time, here are 10 reasons to put axe-throwing on your bucket list today.
It's the best anger management technique
Murdering a target with an axe is one sure-fire way to blow off some serious steam. And you don't have to be full of rage to benefit from the stress-reducing, cathartic release you get after an hour of throwing an axe.

We have groups show up with their boss for a team building activity, multi-generation families, and dates- all of whom have their own brand of stress to release. For each and every one of them, axe-throwing is the perfect antidote to living in the modern world where it's all too easy to absorb stress but all too difficult to find outlets to release it all.
It's a great cardio exercise
Seriously, axes are not toys. We throw real axes at our facility. They're made of solid metal and if you don't think that's a credible workout, you haven't tried it yet.

It will help you during zombie apocalypses
Yes, axe-throwing is traditionally not just a forestry skill. It's a survival skill, especially in close combat. Whether you're preparing for a zombie onslaught or you simply wish to be ready for anything, learning to properly spin an axe through the air at a target will serve you well.
An excellent hobby
All over the world, axe throwing leagues have sprung up, promoting camaraderie, sportsmanship, and good times with like-minded people of all genders and ages. Learn how to throw an axe with us, then venture out to the bigger tournaments. Someday, you could even travel to the National Axe Throwing Championship (NATC) that takes place in Toronto and brings together the best axe throwers from all over the planet every year. Want to be one of them? The first step is to join our league.
It is sexy (for both genders)
Guys, have you ever seen a woman throw an axe? Trust us. And some do it in heels. We don't recommend the heels but just saying…
And gals, who's up for hanging out with some modern lumberjacks as they hurl those axes in a dizzying fury of maleness?
The coolest way to learn more about yourself.
Axe-throwing is bad-a$s, and once you master the simple basics, you'll experience a confidence boost like no other.
Back to the roots! Release your inner Viking.
For anyone who works indoors, especially if they're tied to a desk all day, the need to release the inner Viking is pretty powerful. Get in touch with Canada's roots and explore your own as you immerse yourself in this ancient art. This is purely urban axe throwing, of course, but you'll feel very much connected to the Vikings every time you sling your axe.
Impress your loved one.
Learn how to throw an axe, and the incredible image will be forever etched on your loved one's mind. That's food for thought.
Finally, have something truly worth posting.
Coolest Instagram pics ever. Prepare for tons of regramming on all your axe-throwing pictures. Make sure to use #rageaxethrowing to get a chance being featured in one of our posts on social media.
It has a quick learning curve, so you get all of the above benefits fast.
As treacherous and tricky as it may look (which is why it's totally impressive by the way), axe-throwing is pretty easy to learn. That's why groups who arrive for their very first lesson are totally rocking the throw by the end of their session.

We don't promise you'll be ready to join the Swedish Axe Throwing Society after your first session, but you'll definitely have the hang of it.
Finally, we almost forgot...
Two of the best reasons for learning how to throw an ax are friendship and memories. When you book axe-throwing parties with Rage, you build lasting bonds and form new connections and memories that can stay with you for a lifetime. Ready to start? Make an online reservation or call us to book an ax-throwing lane this week.
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