Aim. Throw. Repeat.

Aim. Throw. Repeat.
Uniting people by axe throwing since 2016.
Since the day one, our mission at Rage was to bring people together and help them develop concentration, patience and precision through axe throwing. Offering this incredible experience in Montreal since 2016, we have accommodated thousands of guests for different types of events from bachelor/ette to birthday parties. Beside the small and medium group events, we host corporate events for a wide range of companies. Among the names, you can find: Ubisoft, Rogers, Royal Bank of Canada, Red Bull, Uber, Motorola to name a few.

Although axe throwing is a new activity in the province of Quebec, we took the initiative with several Canadian companies to create the National Axe Throwing Federation which now became International. The Federation brings together axe throwing communities throughout the world and promotes sportsmanship, develops standard competition rules and, of course, enforces safety.

A recreational center to dissolve everyday stress and master unique skills. From the very beginning of the project back in 2016, Rage quickly became a destination for an immersive and unforgettable experience for Montrealers, making it a local landmark.
    The International Axe Throwing Federation (IATF) represents the sport of axe throwing on behalf of over 6,000 league members in over 85 cities and 6 countries, with a mandate to promote safety, sportsmanship and competitive protocol.
Let us know if you want to modify or cancel your booking, report a technical problem or have questions/comments about our axe throwing venue. We are also open to discuss potential media collaborations and other partnership opportunities.
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